ReMerging Voice Series – 7 Weeks of Vocal Improv FUN!

ReMerging Voice Series – 7 Weeks of Vocal Improv FUN!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Location: Join ‘Meet Up’ to Unlock

Price: $175.00 /per person

Pay by January 1 for early bird price of $140.

ReMerging Voice Series – 7 Weeks of Vocal Improv FUN!

Do you remember before anyone ever told you you couldn’t do something? Was your voice ever shut down by a grown up when you were a child or by a peer as an adult? Let’s undo that harmful programming right now! Here is the safe place you’ve been longing for.

Do you long to regain more confidence in your creative journey?

Do you want to gain more knowledge about the musical instrument that lives in your body? The one that you have immediate access to 24/7?

Remerge With Us!

(Cost is for all 7 weeks in the term and includes half price admission to CircleSongs at Holistic Voice Lab. Class time is 7 to 8:30 pm.)

This class can be repeated as many times as you like.

Learn the basics of Voice Technique through Improvisation and Circle Singing.

For committed singers and those who want to gain more vocal freedom and learn about improvisation.

This class covers the following:

• Healthy Singing Technique: Sing with fluidity and control, longer. Find your own unique voice.

• Lots of Singing!

• Basics of Vocal Improvisation

• Fun Musical Games to exercise each person’s musical skills no matter your level.

Earlybird rate for the class is $140 when paid by January 1. Pay via PayPal: Otherwise, a deposit of $100 must be received through PayPal before the first day of class and two payments of $37.50 in the second and third week of class can be paid either by check or cash or credit card.

Students who achieve a level of comfort and musicality may be eligible to join One Heart Spontaneous Singers, an improvised a cappello ensemble. 

This might be the best singing opportunity in town! Don’t wait! Sign up NOW!

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