Five Easy Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer is coming! Is your skin ready?

Here are five easy summer skin care tips from Marie for keeping your skin looking fresh not fried during the summer and beyond.

1) Have one or two hydrating serums on hand – and use them up!

Use natural serums by Eminence Organic Skin Care, Pevonia Botanica or Cellex C (Marie’s favorite skin care lines). Check the ingredient list for Hyaluronic Acid, a moisture bond that our bodies naturally create, but the skin loves it topically as well. HA helps the facial skin retain up to 600% more moisture. Healthy skin moisture content can save skin from many issues including sensitivities and pre-mature wrinkling.

2) Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

Exfoliating gently each day during those times when you have sun exposure will help your skin absorb all the good stuff you are using to maintain your glow. Here is a link to Marie’s favorite exfoliating products from natural, healthy skin care lines of professional quality.

3) Eat lots of berries!

Summer is the best time to get our fruit fix on! Berries have so many micro-nutrients and antioxidants to bring our skin into balance.

4) Buy one new hat every year to save face.

Having some fun hats will not only give you that summer fashion sass you long for, but of course your face will be saved from the protection. Hats are great fashion accessories for all different looks from sporty to outdoor formal.

5) Sunscreen – Do I really have to say it?

Well, yes, I do. Many people go without having any sunscreens and their skin pays the price and they begin looking older than they need to well before their time. Without sunscreen skin begins turning permanently red in the mid-thirties, sometimes even in the late twenties. This can be reversed with proper care, but why do that to yourself? Get two sunscreens for your face. One sweat-proof and one regular. Buy Sunscreen Here

Following these tips guarantees your skin to maintain a youthful look much longer.

About the Author

Marie Black

I am a singer/songwriter and Voice Teacher with a BA in Psychology and a background in somatic healing arts including skin care and various forms of bodywork. Inner beauty development (voice and all its exciting internal challenges) and outer beauty with functional maintenance are my passions. I put all of this together by helping people open up their voices through improvisation as well as helping people maintain their skin. I have recently become an EDGU instructor, which is an evolutionary spinal maintenance flow. I love the body-mind connection. I love learning and sharing all of it!

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