Fear not your voice; simply follow it to your soul one note at a time.Marie Black, Founder

Marie Black Studio’s Holistic Voice Lab is a music studio for new and developing singers. Our mission is to help you tap into your innate musicality and your core confidence. Based less in traditional musical pedagogy and more in experiential exploration, we affirm that it is your right to sing, to play, to make music no matter your degree of traditional music training or lack thereof. We believe you already have a beautiful voice. We are here to assist you in allowing yourself to release it.

Singing Lessons, Events & Classes

Sing in the healing, the joy and the FUN for all levels!

Singing together reduces stress, brings about healthy cortisol levels, regulates heart rate and just feels good!

Doors open at 6:45.

Come explore the harmonically charged, meditative, chant driven infusion of good vibrations. Each song is different from the last. Fun musical games are played so we can better tune in to our partners.

All levels of singers welcome. CircleSinging helps new singers find their voices and seasoned singers can expand their improvisational skills and creative processes. CircleSinging helps songwriters find new methods of writing. Everyone has a chance to build musical confidence in this mistake free zone.

CircleSinging Defined:

“It’s like painting with voices.”

A CircleSong begins with the facilitator creating musical parts and passing these parts on to singers by voice type. Beginning with a constant motor, we embark on co-creating a rich sound tapestry with harmonies and rhythms layered and juxtaposed with and against each other. As the group becomes tighter, the center is taken by singers wishing to solo or those wanting to bathe in the rich sound. Eventually the music becomes liquid and the singers react and respond with each other spontaneously and yet with musical discernment. Singers are encouraged to venture deeper into their own parts and more experienced and/or willing singers are encouraged to solo.

The circle may begin with a few minutes of warm ups.

CircleSinging leads to deeper listening, a deepening of intuition, and a rich community experience.

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Holistically learn how to gain agility, find your pitch and access different registers. 30-minute lessons are recommended for newer students. $50

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Gain agility and develop musicianship and vocal timbre. For beginning to performing singers. Hour sessions are recommended when working on repertoire. $75

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Discover your true voice!
Tune into & eradicate bodily tension
Use Vibration Techniques
Deep Sound Techniques
Vocal Improvisation
Gain Confidence

Clear your mind and let go
Practice with professionals
One on One with Marie Black
Develop healthy speech and singing habits
Supportive Encouraging Environment

“You can’t stay the same. If you’re a musician and a singer, you have to change, that’s the way it works.”VAN MORRISON